AquaChile's Verlasso brand will package all salmon in cardboard instead of EPS from January 2023. Photo: AquaChile.

Verlasso boxes clever with recyclable cardboard packaging

Chile’s largest salmon farmer, AquaChile, is replacing its polystyrene packaging with 100% recyclable cardboard boxes for fresh salmon sold under its premium Verlasso label.

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The company said the move was part of its commitment to sustainability and understanding of the role aquaculture plays in providing healthy protein.

Verlasso aims to have all its salmon packaged in cardboard from January 2023.

Customers are urged to recycle the packaging. Photo: AquaChile.

A first for Chile

“Since its origins, Verlasso has been committed to seeking and innovating in more sustainable practices throughout its value chain, so we are very happy to implement this initiative,” said AquaChile commercial manager Vicente De La Cruz in a press release.

“The migration from polystyrene to cardboard for the distribution of fresh salmon makes us the first and only national brand to take this big step.”

Less space

AquaChile was the world’s second-largest Atlantic salmon farmer in 2020, harvesting 154,800 gutted weight tonnes. The company said the recyclable cardboard boxes make transport of salmon more efficient because they take up less space than expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes and have lower emissions than EPS.

The boxes are waterproof and insulating, and the quality of the salmon will not be comprised, added the company.

“We are implementing measures that we consider key for Verlasso to continue being a pioneer brand in sustainable practices,” said De La Cruz, who said that since April of this year, Verlasso’s production has been carbon neutral.