From left: Fernando Villarroel, Mowi; Sady Delgado, AquaChile; Steven Rafferty, Cermaq. Photo montage: FFE.

Chilean salmon’s big four: why we must be heard

The Chilean salmon industry’s biggest hitters have met with the country’s economy minister, Lucas Palacios, and undersecretary of fisheries, Ramón Zelaya, to explain the reasons for the recent creation of the Chilean Salmon Council and outline its objectives for a more competitive and sustainable sector.

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Mowi Chile chief executive Fernando Villarroel, AquaChile boss Sady Delgado, Cermaq Chile CEO Steven Rafferty and Pablo Baraona, president of coho farmer Salmones Aysén, attended the meeting. All four are on the board of the Salmon Council, which was formed last month.

The four companies, the largest in the Chilean industry, intend the Salmon Council to be a tool for strengthening salmon farming in Chile, initiating a new phase that promotes a global and long-term perspective, protecting fish health and the environment and promoting competitiveness.

Benchmark for innovation

“We believe the time has come that, given the magnitude of this industry and the contribution it means for the country, we can contribute even more in the strategic guidelines for Chile, considering our national and international experience,” said the four in a press release. 

“The companies present here commit to being a benchmark for innovation, with absolute adherence to current regulations, free competition rules, and of course, respect for our employees and the communities where we are embedded.”

The Salmon Council intends to promote the best business, productive, biological, environmental and regulatory practices, because “we are convinced that a long-term perspective to make this industry more competitive and sustainable is key for Chile to consolidate its global leadership as a salmon producer.”