Aquabounty VP of Marketing and Sales

Plans for GM salmon unveiled

Aquabounty is very pleased that the US FDA has approved their application for Aquadvantage salmon. Now, the company expects to spread the word among consumers and salmon farmers.

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“The FDA approval affirms that Aquadvantage Salmon is a healthy and nutritious seafood product, equivalent to conventional farmed Atlantic salmon, and that it will not have an adverse impact on the environment,” said Henry Clifford, VP of Marketing and Sales at Aquabounty.

After five years of analysis and debate the FDA has approved this first Genetically Modified (GM) animal for human consumption and, according to Clifford, their primary mission will be now to inform and educate seafood consumers and salmon farmers “about the numerous benefits of Aquadvantage salmon”. The company claims, among other advantages, that this product is more sustainable, grows faster, can be raised almost everywhere in a RAS facility and requires less feed.

Since the approval milestone, Clifford now expects to begin planning the growth of their business. “We expect it will be at least two years before there is appreciable product in the market”, he said, adding that the Aquadvantage salmon eyed-eggs (sterile, all-female) will be produced in Canada, then shipped to Panama for grow-out, before eventual export to the US.

Finally, the executive commented that, in 2013, Environment Canada issued an approval authorizing the commercial production of Aquadvantage salmon at their Canadian hatchery, in Prince Edward Island. “The Canadian action affirmed that production of Aquadvantage salmon would not adversely affect the environment when produced under the conditions specified in the Canadian approval,” he said.