A RAS project that involved input from AquaBioTech Group.

China-Malta project ‘has advanced aquaculture digitalisation’


A collaboration between Maltese aquaculture consultancy, research organisation, and fish farm designer AquaBioTech Group, and two Chinese partners has advanced digitalisation in the sector, the company said.

The AquaDetector project was a partnership between AquaBioTech Group, the China Agricultural University National Innovation Centre for Digital Fishery, and Chinese company Mingbo Aquatic Co. Ltd. It aimed to enhance digitalisation of the aquaculture industry for better farm management, higher animal welfare, and production growth.

During the project’s closing event, guests attended scientific presentations and toured the ABTInnovia research facility, an advanced biosecure aquaculture research centre that offers specialist infrastructure in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology to the highest Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

The tour provided guests with the opportunity to see the diverse fish species that can be produced and the sensors, monitoring system, and team that enable such high-precision research operations.

The AquaDetector project was co-funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through the Sino-Malta Fund 2019.