Umitron's Pulse data service is now available via an Android phone app. Image: Umitron.

Ocean data service goes mobile

Aquaculture data technology company Umitron has launched a mobile phone application for its Pulse product, which provides a variety of ocean environmental information for fish, shellfish and seaweed farmers.

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Pulse was initially launched as a desktop computer application for aquaculture farmers in late July with the goal of using satellite images to provide a high-resolution ocean map of critical environmental parameters such as water temperature, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and wave height.

Higher resolution

Umitron, based in Singapore and Japan, has now introduced an app that provides the same functionality on Android phones. An app for iPhones will follow shortly.

Future updates will lead to higher resolution maps near the coastline as well as new environmental data and improved forecasts, Umitron said in a press release.

Pulse can be tried for free by visiting or downloading the app in the Google Play store on mobile devices: