PromPeru expects to hold over 1,700 meetings and close deals valued at more than US$80 million.

Super Foods Peru launches with $80m target

Peru’s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) has used the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels to launch the Super Foods Peru seafood brand.

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The launch followed a campaign to promote Peruvian seafood products among global buyers with the world’s toughest standards.

Led by Peruvian Production Minister Bruno Giuffra, the national delegation also featured PromPeru exports director Luis Torres, as well as communications and country image director Isabella Falco.

The 37-strong business entourage expects to hold over 1,700 meetings and close deals valued at more than US$80 million. Super Foods Peru’s international launch includes 40 activities this year at several food fairs worldwide.

Peru’s fishing industry production and exports play a key role in the Andean country’s economy.

Exports of Peruvian fishery goods for direct human consumption reached US$521 million in 2016. Europe led destination markets account for close to 35 per cent of the total. The most demanded products were giant squid, Peruvian scallops, shrimps and anchovies.

Last month the Peruvian anchovy fishery launched its Fisheries Improvement Project in a bid to get certifiable status according to the guidelines of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.

The purse seine fishery – one of the most important in the world – accounts for up to six million tonnes of anchovy in a regular year, most of which is used to make fishmeal and fish oil.