Jan Henning Legreid of Blue Ocean Technology - new agreement is a springboard into the US and Canada. Photo: Kari Tveit

Sludge specialist enters US market with Maine deal

Norwegian aquaculture sludge treatment specialist Blue Ocean Technology is to enter the American market following an agreement with American Aquafarms.

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The deal is for two sludge treatment plants, each with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes, to be used on closed cages in the sea.

American Aquafarms, which is backed by Norwegian investment, plans to farm Atlantic salmon in floating closed containment pens off the coast of Maine, using Ecomerden closed pen technology.

Jan Henning Legreid, product developer at Blue Ocean Technology, told Fish Farming Expert’s sister site Kyst.no that they were seeing increasing demand from companies involved in closed facilities at sea.

“The agreement with American Aquafarms means that we now have a springboard into - and a presence in – the US and Canada. The agreement also implies a permanent Blue Ocean presence in these markets,” he said.

Environmentally friendly

“Large export markets require presence, resources and a long-term perspective. And we are really looking forward to being able to front Norwegian developed, environmentally friendly technology - with low power consumption and environmentally friendly flocculants - on a permanent basis in a particularly exciting region.”

According to Legreid, American Aquafarms will be a giant in environmentally friendly, closed farming, with control of the entire value chain.

Blue Ocean Technology has had an increasing number of international requests in the last two years, including recent interest from Scotland.

Legreid said last December the company would renew plans for a sales drive in Scotland once Covid conditions permitted, hopefully this spring.