Johan Andreassen, co-founder and chief executive of Atlantic Sapphire.

Andreassen-linked companies sell NOK 8.7m stake in Atlantic Sapphire

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Two companies that are part-owned by Atlantic Sapphire co-founder and outgoing chief executive Johan Andreassen have sold more than 1.1 million shares worth almost NOK 8.7 million in the Florida land-based salmon farming company.

Alsco AS has sold 1,040,703 shares at a price of NOK 7.55 each, for a total sale price of NOK 7,857,307.65 (US $744,609), and JEA Invest sold 107,377 shares, also for NOK 7.55, for a total sale price of NOK 810,696.35, according to a stock market announcement. 

The announcement does not say who the shares were sold to.

JEA Invest is 89.6% owned by Andreassen and owns 36.5% of Alsco AS, which as of December 31 last year held 10,427,344 million Atlantic Sapphire shares, giving it 1.31% of the company's equity.

Andreassen’s Atlantic Sapphire co-founder Bjørn-Vegard Løvik is chairman of Alsco AS, which has three other directors: Johan Andreassen, Arne Inge Andreassen, and Earl Leidulf Løvik.