Selective breeding such as that practised by the salmon industry can have a huge impact on fish health worldwide.

Conference addresses aquaculture ‘disruption’

Solving the fish meal problem 'once and for all', and the quest for a simple method of combating lice, will be among the topics at a conference titled ‘Disruption In Aqua Production’. 

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ONE17, the Alltech Ideas Conference, will be held from May 21-24 in Lexington, Kentucky, and organisers say the event aims to "inspire and motivate producers and agribusiness leaders, but more importantly, it will prepare them for the future".

The salmon lice session will be led by Dr Karl Dawson, Alltech’s vice-president and chief scientific officer, who will examine alternatives to the extreme treatments currently employed and which cost companies huge sums of money.

Other sessions at the conference include:

‘Solving the fish oil and fish meal problem once and for all’, with featured speaker Becky Timmons, Alltech’s global director of Applications Research and Quality Assurance. Timmons will examine ground-breaking efforts to produce fish that are loaded with DHA omega-3.

‘The potential of seaweed’, with featured speaker Dr Richard Murphy, research director at the Alltech European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Ireland. He will outline the benefits that can be exploited from one of nature's original foods, from iodine to fibre and beyond.

Dr Pearse Lyons: the founder and president of Alltech.

‘Total sustainability and total traceability using recirculating aquaculture systems’, with featured speaker Coppens aquaculture product manager Ronald Faber, who will show how such a system can host 1,000 tons of fish in as little as 70 gallons of water per day. He will also present real-life examples of the system for eel, sturgeon, salmon and trout.

‘The Faroe Islands: A Small Group, But A Great Disruptor’, with featured speaker Hans Jacobsen, who will explain how 18 islands with 48,000 residents are delivering what consumers want in their fish - the right colour, the right taste and the right DHA levels – and offering a model for the future.

‘Harness disruption’

“We believe it’s important for everyone involved in agriculture to be inspired to harness disruption,” said Dr Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “The aqua production focus session will provide practical solutions that position aqua producers to meet consumer demands, sustainability requirements and profitability objectives."

Now in its 33rd year, One: The Alltech Idea Conference attracts more than 3,000 attendees from nearly 80 countries. Register here.