Rainbow trout fillets were discovered to keep better when coated with chitosan and PPE. Picture: Aller Aqua Research

Aller Aqua hails new concept for trout feed

Denmark’s Aller Aqua Group has launched what it describes as “a new concept of feed formulation by nutrient digestibility”.

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A spokesman for the company stated: “Traditionally, feeds have been composed and sold in order to obtain a set declaration - a gross composition.

“During the past two years, tests with more than 80 different raw materials have been carried out in Aller Aqua Research. This has resulted in the launch of Power2 for trout.

“Aller Aqua’s trial station has established a system for continuous testing of raw materials, by means of producing pilot-scale batches of feed suitable for this purpose. Paired with digestibility results, this screening enables measurement of the effect of raw materials on faeces consistency and fish appetite. These results can be utilised and implemented in a new generation of feed.

“With natural variations in the raw materials characteristics this can lead to variances in the performance of the products. With Power2 this relation has been turned around. The goal is now a net composition - stable performance.

“This gives feed with the following benefits:

  • declaration and raw material composition may vary, but the content, which makes the fish grow, is set
  • stable performance and thus predictable production on the fish farm
  • efficient utilisation of the applied resources
  • minimal loss of nutrients and thus a better environment on the fish farm."

More information can be found here.