Alf-Helge Aarskog will join mid-sized salmonid farmer Eide Fjordbruk from the start of 2023.

Ex-Mowi boss back in salmon farming

‘Once a fish farmer, always a fish farmer’ says Aarskog as he joins Eide Fjordbruk


Former Mowi chief executive Alf-Helge Aarskog is joining Norwegian salmon and trout farmer Eide Fjordbruk to contribute to the development of the company and its new WaterMoon technology project.

Eide Fjordbruk is a mid-sized farmer employing around 70 people and is the company behind the futuristic Salmon Eye visitor centre.

The company aims to re-set the standard for aquaculture with WaterMoon, although it has not yet given many details of the project beyond that overarching goal.

“Good biology, developing new methods and sustainable production methods are in our DNA,” said chief executive Sondre Eide.

An optimal environment

“We want to create a platform that creates an optimal and safer biological environment for farmed fish. Our goal is to turn the industry’s challenges into opportunities. Norway’s advantages and solutions lie in the fjords. Alf-Helge will be a unique driving force to create further momentum in this work and in the rest of the company.”

Aarskog stepped down from the Mowi top job in 2019. Since then, he has since taken on several directorships and advisory positions with aquaculture-related companies but is looking forward to a more involved role with Eide Fjordbruk from the beginning of next year.

“I am happy to admit that being on a team with practical and solution-oriented people has been something I have missed as a ‘retiree’. It’s probably just a matter of realising that once a fish farmer, always a fish farmer,” said Aarskog.

The Salmon Eye. Visitors are ferried to the centre on two electric passenger boats.