OSH co-founders Alex MacInnes and Alister Mackinnon present cold-smoked salmon to Charles and Camilla during the royal couple's visit to Skye yesterday. Photo: OSH.

Smoked salmon fit for an organic-farming prince

Skye fish farmer Organic Sea Harvest (OSH) has presented Prince Charles and his wife Camilla with a taste of its product for the second time this year – and this time OSH co-founders Alister Mackinnon and Alex MacInnes were able to hand it over in person.

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In June OSH sent two fillets to the royal household – one for the Queen and one for Charles and Camilla - via wholesale partner Severn and Wye Smokery, which holds a royal warrant.

And yesterday the company presented Charles with a sample of its newest product, harvested on Wednesday and cold-smoked at the Isle of Skye Smokehouse, during the prince’s visit to the island.

OSH gave Charles and Camilla a fresh salmon and cold-smoked OSH salmon from the Isle of Skye Smokehouse. Photo: OSH.

Organic September

Charles and Camilla, known when in Scotland by their Scottish titles of the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, were introduced to OSH staff and three other local business owners outside the Rosedale Hotel in Portree, as part of a larger tour.

The visit coincided with the UK Soil Association’s Organic September 2021 event, designed to raise awareness of what the association says are the benefits of organic farming.

Charles is a long-time advocate of organic farming and transformed a 1,000-acre farm to organic production in 1985.

Stocking density

MacInnes said: “It was an honour to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay to Skye. I was delighted to share with them our carefully produced organic salmon. We are proud of our product and were thrilled to present it to the Duke, given his long-term devotion to organic farming methods.

“The Duke asked about our salmon farming methods, including our stocking density and how we handle sea lice. It was a pleasure to talk to someone so knowledgeable and interested in our mission to create top-quality organic salmon. He was very positive and commented on our sustainability.”

Mackinnon said: “We were delighted to be one of four local businesses showing the royals our produce. The Duke is very energetic about organic farming and interested in local communities, so it was a delight to talk to him about our methods and share our product with him.”