The spot price for Norwegian salmon in 2020 (orange) and 2019 (grey). Data source: Akvafakta.

No Christmas present in sight for salmon producers

The spot price of Norwegian salmon fell by NOK 1.53 to just NOK 40.24 (£3.43) per kilo last week (week 49). That’s a new low for 2020 and a massive NOK 21.29 less than in the same week last year, when prices were climbing quickly towards a festive period high nearing NOK 80.

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The average price so far this year is NOK 54.42 per kilo, compared to NOK 56.14 per kilo at the same time in 2019, according to salmon data provider Akvafakta.


Norway exported 30,791 tonnes of salmon in week 48, which is 5.6% more than in the same week last year.

So far this year Norway, the world’s biggest farmed salmon producer, has exported 1.17 million tonnes, 0.1% more than last year.