The price of Norwegian salmon has fallen back after a strong start to the year.

Norwegian salmon prices dip after early-year high

After two strong jumps upwards, the price of salmon from the world’s biggest producer, Norway, slipped downwards by 10% last week.

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According to figures from seafood statistics provider Akvafakta, salmon prices fell by NOK 7.16 per kilo (£0.58/kg) in Week 10 to NOK 66.32 per kilo. For the first time this year, the price per kilo is now lower (by NOK 6.77 per kilo) than it was in the corresponding week last year. The price is also NOK 2.85 per kilo below the same week in 2018. 

The average price so far this year is NOK 71.05 per kilo, compared with NOK 59.85 per kilo last year.

Exports up

Norway exported 2,929 tonnes in Week 9, 9.2% more than in the same week in 2018.

So far, 192,000 tonnes have been exported, 1.5% less than the same time one year ago.

As of Week 9, 219,000 tonnes of feed were sold, 1% more than last year. Percentage of trout feed accounts for most of this growth, with an increase of 18%. Salmon feed varies by less than 1%.

The trend for the last four weeks (weeks 6-9) is 7.5% down.