The spot price for salmon in 2022 (blue) and 2021 (grey). Data source: Akvafakta.

Norway salmon price hits record high

The spot price of Norwegian salmon jumped by a record margin to a record high last week.

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According to industry statistics provider Akvafakta, the spot price increased by NOK 12.24 from week 6 to week 7 and ended at NOK 92.29 (£7.68).

This is a record both for price growth in one week and for the price itself. The price is also a record high over the corresponding week last year, with a difference of NOK 44.30 / kg.

The average price so far this year is NOK 74.87 / kg. Such a high average price has never been experienced before.

Lower export volumes

Norway’s export volumes are lower this year than last year, but not dramatically, and the week 7 volume was the best in several weeks. It ended at 26,384 tonnes (whole fish equivalent), 3.6% lower than the same week last year.

So far this year Norway has exported 183,199 tonnes of salmon, a 4.4% lower volume than in the corresponding period last year.