The weekly volumes of salmon exported by Norway since mid-July this year (orange line) have consistently been higher than the same period in the previous two years. Source: Statistics Norway, Seafood Council. Graphic: Akvafakta.

Another record week for Norway’s salmon exports

A new record has again been set for the volume of farmed salmon exported from Norway in a week.

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The country exported 36,383 tonnes (round weight) last week – week 39 – which was 46 more tonnes than the previous week, which had also been a record.

Last week’s export volume is 24% more than in the same week last year.

So far this year, Norway has exported 1.06 million tonnes of salmon, 16% more than at the same time a year ago.

NOK 50.03 per kilo

The spot price for Norwegian salmon rose by NOK 0.82 per kilo to NOK 50.03 (£4.28) in week 39, according to industry statistics provider Akvafakta. That price is NOK 2.61 higher than in the same week last year.

The average price so far this year is NOK 56.44 / kg, compared to the equivalent of NOK 57.46 / kg in 2020.