Photo: ACFFA.
Photo: ACFFA.

Atlantic Canada salmon farmers bid to improve gender equality

The Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers’ Association (ACFFA) is to host a ‘Women of Salmon Farming Symposium’ aimed at harnessing opportunities for women and improving gender equity in Atlantic Canada’s salmon farming sector.


The event, which is a first for the region, will include the release of a new study commissioned by ACFFA: Gender-Based Opportunities and Challenges in Salmonid Farming in Atlantic Canada which examines gender equity throughout Atlantic Canada’s salmon farming value chain.

The Symposium, which will be held in conjunction with ACFFA’s annual Research, Science and Technology Forum, will be held virtually and in-person in St Andrews, New Brunswick on October 25-27, 2022.

Opportunities for women

“The study is basically a ‘state of the nation’ on gender equity in salmon farming in Atlantic Canada, and the Symposium will bring men and women together to discuss both the opportunities for women in the salmon farming sector and the steps needed to bring more gender equity to our industry,” said ACFFA executive director Susan Farquharson.

While the report won’t be released until the autumn, Farquharson said the study found that the salmon farming sector compares similarly to other animal protein producing industries when it comes to overall gender parity. Although the report found that more progress is needed to improve female participation and close the pay equity gap, Atlantic Canada leads the country in overall gender parity in the sector, she said.

Voices needed

“This report gives us a clear picture of where we are now and will serve as the foundation of discussions at the Symposium,” said Farquharson.

“I encourage anyone who works in our sector, especially those who may not have participated in our Fall Forum in the past, to attend either in person or virtually. Voices from every part of our sector are needed for a fulsome and productive discussion that will lead to actionable recommendations in this area.”

The full conference agenda as well as online registration details will be released in September. Find out more about the Symposium here.