Europharma’s fish health seminar in the picturesque village of Nusfjord gets under way tomorrow.

Scottish aquaculture on the agenda at Lofoten

The Scottish aquaculture industry’s potential for growth will be among the items on the agenda at Europharma’s annual fish health seminar in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

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Taking place from tomorrow until Friday in the village of Nusfjord, the seminar brings together industry experts from across the world to share insights and discuss the latest innovations and research in aquaculture.

Other key topics being discussed during the two-day event include use of bacteriophages, engineering for biosecurity, vaccination strategies and smoltification.

The UK delegation will be headed by Nikos Steiropoulos, managing director of Europharma Scotland, who will be bringing some of Scotland's top fish experts along to the seminar.

Frank conversations

Nikos Steiropoulos: "It is vital to ensure we are all keeping up to date with the latest technology."

"We are very much looking forward to our annual seminar in Lofoten,” Steiropoulos said. “It is vital to ensure we are all keeping up to date with the latest technology that could benefit the aquaculture industry. Europharma's Lofoten Seminar is a fantastic opportunity to get the industry together from all parts of the world - including Scotland, Norway, Chile, Canada, Iceland and New Zealand - to discuss what is happening in aquaculture, including the latest innovations.

"The atmosphere at Lofoten is often more relaxed than other industry events, meaning we can all have open, frank conversations about challenges we are all facing and how we can work together towards solutions that will better the industry as a whole."

Health management

Speakers at the event include experts from King Salmon NZ, ACD Pharma, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, SalMar, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute, Norseaqua, The Fish Vet Group, Elanco, Nofima, Capemare, Intesal Salmon Chile, Fishguard, Arnalax and Creuna.

A leading developer of fish health and welfare programmes, Europharma has teams in the UK, Norway, Canada and Chile, offering customers a range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services, primarily delivered by its veterinary services team trading as Fishguard.

Europharma says it is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of Scotland's aquaculture industry by offering customers a unique partnership which minimises threats to fish health and welfare. It has nine members of staff based at its UK headquarters in Clydebank.