China's appetite for salmon is expected to grow hugely. Photo: WCI

SSPO sets sights on China

Scottish salmon spokesman Scott Landsburgh has said the industry is "very ambitious" to get a stronger grip on the Chinese market.

Landsburgh, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, was speaking during an interview for the Global Business Show, broadcast on China Central TV.

Speaking about China, he said: “It is a hugely important market for us. It is obviously going to be the most dynamic economy in world terms in the next 10 years and we have to be part of that, so we are very ambitious to get in there. We are in there just now but let’s develop even further and ensure that we are part of the future of the fish economy of Asia.”

SSPO chief executive Scott Landsburgh tells the Global Business Show about the industry’s hopes for expansion in China. Photo: Video still.

The world’s second-largest salmon producer, Chile, has already made efforts to establish itself in China by creating a single brand, New World Currents, which sells salmon on behalf of several companies, including Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca and Yadran, who account for a quarter of Chile’s Atlantic salmon production.

And Norway is now able to re-enter the market after being shut out because of a diplomatic row.

In a recent report on the future of aquaculture for the UK Government Office for Science, researchers from Oban-based Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) Research Services Ltd said: “If Chinese consumers shift towards high-value fish driven by demographic change, urbanisation and higher levels of income, the modelling predicts that the demand for salmon in China could double and account for 77 per cent of the world consumption.”

The Global Business Show video can be seen here.


Published: 11/08/2017 at 4:40 pm

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