The SINTEF project will look at the efficacy of lice skirts in varying conditions. Photo: FHF

How do environmental conditions affect lice skirts?

A new project has now been initiated to examine the influence of environmental conditions on the effectiveness of lice skirts, Norway's Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) has reported.

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More and more fish farmers are now using lice skirts for the prevention and control of sea lice. The project, led by SINTEF Ocean, seeks to understand more about environmental conditions that may affect the skirts.

During the winter and spring, efforts will now be made to understand more about oxygen conditions, mooring stresses, development of amoebic gill disease and algae growth, as well as water flow and hydrography in and around cages and differences between sites using lice skirts.

It is intended that the knowledge acquired by the project could be used in choosing, for example, skirt depth and material. This would apply at both location and cage level. Localisation of the solution could increase the effect in relation to the control of salmon lice while reducing the risk associated with fish health and plant integrity.

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