The Hydro Pioneer will be installed with four Hydrolicer lines and will go into service in Scotland. Photo: Hydrolicer Production.

Hydrolicer to pioneer direct service in Scotland

The company that makes the Hydrolicer is to start providing a delousing service directly to fish farmers – and its first contract is in Scotland.

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Hydrolicer Production AS, based in Bjugn in Trøndelag county, Norway, has formed the company Hydro Shipping to look offer services to the salmon industry.

“We are the system developer and sit on the best knowledge about Hydrolicer. In addition, we have extensive experience in operating in the aquaculture industry and sovereign seafarers in the company. So, this is a natural step for us,” said Hydrolicer Production chief executive Øyvind Nymark in a press release.

Other operating services

The company’s first vessel is already in place and according to Nymark Hydrolicer is in full swing with preparations and installation, as well as recruitment of crew.

“We are mainly going to operate with delousing but the boat is also equipped to do other operating services for the customer,” he said in the press release.

The boat, which has been named Hydro Pioneer, is a 52m vessel and will enter into a long-term contract with a customer in Scotland in the autumn.

Hydro Pioneer will be installed with four Hydrolicer lines and will be able to expand to six lines,” said Nymark.

“This is a milestone for the company, and we look forward to getting started.”