The Ronja Storm will be towed to Norway for completion before starting a 10-year contract for Huon in Tasmania. Photo: Cemre/Facebook

World’s biggest wellboat launched in Turkey

The world’s largest wellboat, the Ronja Storm, has been launched at the Cemre shipyard in Turkey.

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The wellboat is 116 metres long and 23 metres wide. The vessel can hold 7,450m³  of water in the fish tanks, which is more than twice as much as existing large wellboats.

In addition, the shipping company Søvtrans’s new flagship will be able to carry 5,000m³ of fresh water.

The Ronja Storm will later be towed to Norway to be completed at Havyard. After the ship is delivered for the summer, it will enter into a ten-year contract for the salmon farming company Huon in Tasmania, Australia.