The latest guidelines on the care of cleaner fish such as this wrasse are now available in English on the SAIC website.

FHF cleaner fish guidelines now available in English

Updated guidelines on the best ways to transport, care for and use cleaner fish have been made available for salmon farmers to download from the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) website.

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The guides, in English, have been produced by the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF) using input from industry players, as well as knowledge gained from other ongoing projects.

A photo of cleaner fish hides included in the guides.

Areas covered include the handling and transportation of lumpfish, and the use and husbandry of that species.

The delivery, transportation, and overwintering of wrasse are also addressed, along with the use and husbandry of the fish and advice on the capture of the wild fish.

Disseminating knowledge

"Updating the guidelines is important for the dissemination and implementation of knowledge from ongoing projects. But it is also an important way of gathering and disseminating experience-based knowledge," writes FHF.

The guidelines are actively used by companies to draw up their own routines and protocols in the use of cleaner fish.

The guidelines can be downloaded from the SAIC knowledge exchange page, here.