The unique ROV has its sights set on the UK aquaculture market. Image by Rob Fletcher

Deeply impressed

The Aquaculture UK innovation prize for the best small company went to Deep Trekker, for its underwater mini remotely operated vehicles, which are finding a growing market in the aquaculture sector. 

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Cody Warner, Business Development Manager of the Toronto-based company, explained the benefits of the device to Fish Farming Expert.

“It’s the most portable device on the market – it’s battery powered so doesn’t need a generator to be running on site and you can launch it from anywhere.

“It has a patented pitching system and is the only ROV that only has horizontal thrusters, which gives it 360 degree, as opposed to 90 degree, motion. It also has an innovative magnetic coupling which requires no maintenance and never needs to be replaced,” he continues.

It also saves money in the long term.

“The devices cost between £4000 and £10,000, while a diver costs £2000 a day,” he points out.

All of the above have clearly been noted by the aquaculture industry and sales are booming around the world.

As Cody explains: “Aquaculture is our largest customer base and there are hundreds of units being used in Norway and Chile at the moment.”

“In the UK it’s mainly being used by the military, environmental science and oil & gas industries at the moment, so there has been no better way to launch into the UK aquaculture sector than to come to the Aviemore show and be presented with this award,” he concludes.