The inauguration of the Camanchaca XXX, the company's most sophisticated feed barge. Photo: Camanchaca / Sitecna.

Flagship feed barge for Chilean salmon farmer

Salmones Camanchaca has inaugurated a new hybrid-power feed barge. The steel hulled Camanchaca XXX is the most advanced and innovative barge in the company’s fleet, with accommodation for up to 20 people and a capacity for 400 tonnes of feed.

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It is destined for use in the company’s Williams 2 farm in the Cisnes commune in the Aysén region.

The barge was built entirely in Puerto Montt, in a joint effort with the Sitecna shipyard, in under nine months.


The Camanchaca XXX has a liquefied gas tank to supply different service units on the farm, along with two large-capacity compressors to supply air to cages.

It also has a set of rechargeable lithium batteries capable of supporting most systems used at night. This means Camanchaca will be able to stop using the barge’s secondary generator some of the time, saving fuel and reducing carbon dioxide output.

Sitenca’s SIAPP barge automation system enables Camanchaca to electronically monitor and control a range of operating parameters, including fuel, silage and drinking water tank levels, energy consumption, air pressure, the Ph and level of hydrogen sulphide in the silage, and more.

The barge is also fitted with an automated fire-fighting system and early detection of emergencies.

Highest standards

“We are very happy to be able to put this new pontoon into operation, which today is the most modern of our company and which has the highest standards in the industry,” said Camanchaca farming manager Pablo Albistur.

Living accommodation includes a dining room, kitchen, cold room for vegetables and perishable foods, a fully equipped gym, cabins, bathrooms, living rooms and laundry, all with heating and air conditioning.

Transfer of the barge from Puerto Montt was due to begin today.