The 'Choose Canadian Seafood' website features a selection of fish and shellfish meal suggestions.

Canadian seafood campaign aims to make bigger splash


The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) and the Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) have expanded their “Choose Canadian Seafood” campaign, which emphasises the ease of incorporating seafood into daily meals.

More than 300 Sobeys and Safeway shops across Canada will stock products bearing “Choose Canadian Seafood” labels, making it simple for consumers to identify Canadian seafood products.

Metro Inc. stores across Ontario will also offer their customers free, easy-to-follow recipe booklets that showcase a diverse range of Canadian seafood recipes.

Better website

“The campaign’s website has undergone a significant transformation. It now includes a comprehensive Seafood Guide, highlighting the nutritional benefits and industry sustainability of Canadian seafood,” said Timothy Kennedy, president and chief executive of the CAIA. “Our monthly newsletter will also keep our consumers informed and engaged, providing continuous updates on the world of Canadian seafood.”

FFC president Paul Lansbergen said: “A recent study from Dalhousie University showed an overwhelming 86.7% of Canadians regularly make fish and seafood staples in their diets, mainly driven by nutritional considerations.

“With 64% citing health as their primary motivator, the results underscore the relevance of the Choose Canadian Seafood initiative. It’s clear we’re on the right track, particularly with the Millennial cohort, who place a premium on health and environmental sustainability in their consumption choices.”

The campaign is funded by Canada’s federal and participating provincial governments via the Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities Fund (CFSOF).