Lisbeth Plassen, administrerende direktør i Seaqloud.

Meet the new boss (same as the old boss)

Former Naviaq MD Plassen stays in charge after merger of aquaculture software and tech companies

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Lisbeth Plassen has been appointed managing director of newly merged salmon farming software providers Naviaq and Seacloud, which have re-branded as Seaqloud. Plassen was previously the managing director of Naviaq.

Naviaq and Seacloud, both owned by seafood investor Bluefront Equity, announced their merger plan at the end of last year. The purpose is to provide customers in the aquaculture industry with a broader and more cost-efficient data-driven service offering.

“We have during the past few months conducted a technical and organisational merger, and developed a strategy to identify how we can jointly create even more value for our customers,” said Plassen.

Complete overview

Seaqloud delivers sensor technology and software that provide a complete overview of the salmon’s marine environment, both above and below the surface. The company also delivers solutions that provide an overview of equipment, operations, and logistics. It says that the solutions enable standardisation, quality assurance and streamlining of industry workflows for the fish farming industry.

The company says its systems also make it easier for Norwegian fish farmers to comply with new requirements for on-site environmental monitoring throughout the calendar year, with its combination of sensors and tailor-made software ensuring data of the highest possible quality.

“Demands and expectations to the aquaculture industries are on the rise. Our solutions enable enhanced data control related to operations and environmental monitoring of fish farms. Such improved data gathering and presentation will, for example, make sustainability reporting better and more efficient,” said Plassen.

Seaqloud is headquartered in Trondheim, and also has offices in Alta, Namsos, and Tromsø, Norway.