Rainbow trout grown in a Scottish sea loch. On-land farmer Atlantic Sapphire is looking at the feasibility of growing trout in RAS. Photo: Dawnfresh.

Atlantic Sapphire eyes trout as an add-on product

On-land fish farmer Atlantic Sapphire is considering growing rainbow trout as an additional crop to its Atlantic salmon.

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The company has been trialling trout production at its recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facility in Denmark.

In a presentation accompanying its financial report for the first half of 2021, Atlantic Sapphire points out that trout ova are now available from bio-secure, land-based sources and that rainbow trout is a robust species for RAS, as it tolerates higher temperatures and densities than Atlantic salmon.

Higher yield

It adds that trout has a higher yield per m³ of tank volume and annual production due to steeper growth curve, and that shorter production cycles could lower risk and the cost per kilo.

The company adds that there would be no modifications needed to Bluehouse infrastructure to grow trout – known as steelhead in the company’s primary market of the US - and that European commodity prices are similar to salmon, with room to develop the market and premium price achievement.

Atlantic Saphhire, which calls its RAS facilities in Denmark and Florida “Bluehouses”, concludes: “Trout may be an ideal species for Bluehouse farming in the future.”