Mexican interest in ASC

Numerous representatives of the Mexican trout farming industry have expressed their interest in gaining Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification. 

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So states ASC’s Latin America Manager, Laurent Viguie, who recently gave a presentation at the 4th National Trout Farmers Association Congress in the State of Michoacán, Mexico. Plans are underway to work with these early adopters to ensure that they will have a smooth transition toward certification.

The annual event drew participation from high profile Mexican producers, suppliers, government representatives and NGOs.

During the ASC workshop, Laurent provided an overview of the ASC and the trout standard outlining how it can be applied to Mexican trout aquaculture. The audience was keen to learn more about the ASC programme and how it can bring enhanced reputation, more market opportunities and access to new markets.

The congress also featured workshops on trout farming, commercial opportunities, feed, rising production costs, and government support of the industry in Mexico.

Trout farming in Mexico is mainly concentrated to the State of Michoacán, which lies approximately two hours west of Mexico City, where the congress was held. The majority of the operations are small river farms that work with classic technology.