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A campaign which seeks to build a local identity around Chile’s national salmon industry will be launched at Aquasur, the southern hemisphere’s most important aquaculture trade show.


Feed producer Cargill, the government’s Sustainable Salmon Mesregional Strategic Programme (PEM) and Fish Farming Expert’s Chilean sister site, Salmonexpert, have formed an alliance to launch the initiative.

It aims to promote the delivery of information that allows both the community and those working in the sector to know more about the work of the salmon industry.

"We want to support the industry in its communication work, we see the growing need to support the transfer of information from industry to communities and society in general; the industry has made great efforts in this regard, and we want to join them, to transmit accurate and timely information that will demolish a series of myths about salmon farming, some of which have even managed to settle in the national public opinion,” said the alliance.

Great interest

“We have already seen great interest from various stakeholders in this sector, and this shows that the industry is increasingly recognising the urgent need to create a new base on which citizens can evaluate and assess national salmon farming, and knowledge with technical base is a fundamental pillar.”

Under the slogan “Chilean salmon, part of everyone”, the alliance announced that it will develop a series of communication tools, in which different information will be delivered. The first milestone will be an informative poster announced last week, which will be delivered in the context of the Aquasur fair, on Thursday, October 18, at 12:30 hrs at the Cargill stand.

“The poster is just one of several pieces that we have prepared and that we will deliver everywhere, so that our people, workers, children and young people, in all the salmon farming regions and in Chile know more about the industry and about salmon, and feel proud to belong to an area where we produce a quality protein that feeds millions of people around the world every day,” said the group.

Both the poster and other dissemination materials will be available at the stands of the members of the alliance:

Cargill: Stand B125

Corfo-PEM Salmon: Stand B334

Salmonexpert: Stand A219