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Benchmark chief executive Malcolm Pye:
Benchmark chief executive Malcolm Pye: "Data technology is an increasingly important tool to maximise yield." Photo: Benchmark

UK-based genetics, science and technology company Benchmark Holdings has announced the purchase of Norwegian computer technology company Videntis.


In a press release, Benchmark says the move should “support the strategy of combining biology and technology to improve profitability for customers”.

The company writes that it has bought the entire share capital of Videntis AS for an initial consideration of £150,000 and a total consideration of up to £300,000.

Videntis was founded in 2013 and owned 50/50 by Veterinary College professor Øystein Evensen and Ralf Günter Onken. The company had a turnover of NOK338,000 (£31,884) in 2017 and made a loss of NOK52,000 (£4,900). Equity ratio was negative NOK575,00, and total debt was approximately NOK900,000 (£85,000).

Benchmark describes Videntis as a supplier of computer technology to the aquaculture and agriculture industry.

Health portal

“Videntis’ technology enables manufacturers to have real-time data and feedback on feed efficiency, welfare and product quality, which fits Benchmark’s strategy for bringing together technology and biology to improve profitability, quality and profitability for its customers,” the company said.

In recent years, Videntis has collaborated with Benchmark on developing management systems for its veterinary laboratories and the new “i-wise” health portal that enables veterinary and fish health companies and producers to visualise and interpret information about production and health across their production sites. The portal is currently operating in Norway and Scotland and will operate in Chile in 2019.

Benchmark chief executive Malcolm Pye said: “Videntis’ IP and expertise support our strategy of combining biology and technology to benefit our customers. Data technology is an increasingly important tool to maximise yield and to manage biological challenges. Combined with Benchmark’s products it allows us to offer an integrated solution to our clients.”