AquaMaof's RAS facility and R&D centre in Poland has already produced 6kg salmon. The company has now agreed a deal to supply a 2,500-tonne capacity plant to Russian investors. Photo: AquaMaof video.

Russians invest €25 million in RAS salmon farm

On-land fish farm expert AquaMaof has signed a deal to build a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) in the Vologda region of Russia. It will have a production capacity of 2,500 tonnes of market-size Atlantic salmon a year.

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The €25 million facility, funded by a group of local investors, is expected to be completed by end of next year.

AquaMaof chief executive David Hazut said: “We are extremely honoured to be selected by a group of esteemed local investors, after a thorough evaluation process, that carefully assessed several available RAS technologies.

“We take great pride in supporting our customers in their mission to offer fresh, healthy, locally-produced salmon to the local population, that today consumes mostly frozen imported fish.”

‘Immense need’

One of the investors, Alexander Churkin, said: “We are excited to embark on this unique project and confident in its success.

“We have recognised the immense need for locally-produced, high-quality fish, free of antibiotics and other substances. Through a meticulous due-diligence process we examined several companies that can provide a turn-key RAS project, for the grow-out of salmon, and chose AquaMaof for its extensive and proven experience in similar projects. I am certain that we will have a constructive, fruitful cooperation.”

The new facility will include hatchery, nursery, and full grow-out areas, as well as management and operational zones.

AquaMaof’s customers include Grieg NL, which has commissioned the Israeli company to build the hatchery for its 33,000-tonnes-per-year cage farming project in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.

Pure Salmon, a company founded by investment fund 8F, has also chosen AquaMaof as its technology partner to build a number of on-land salmon farms around the world. The deal includes buying a half share in AquaMaof’s 580-tonnes-per-year RAS salmon farm and R&D facility in Poland.