AquaChile will now become part of Agrosuper, making it the world's second-largest salmon farmer.

Agrosuper seals the deal to become world No.2

Chilean agriculture and aquaculture giant Agrosuper has become the world’s second-largest salmon farmer after acquiring AquaChile.

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Agrosuper began the process by making a Public Offer of Shares (OPA) on December 14, which has culminated with the acquisition of 99.71% of AquaChile’s shares.

“The acquisition will allow a highly qualified team with vast experience in the business to be integrated into the company’s aquaculture segment, together with high-standard facilities and a great productive potential,” said Agrosuper in a press release.

200,000 tonnes per year

If you add the consolidated production to Aquachile 2017 and its recent acquisition, Salmones Magallanes, plus Agrosuper’s Los Fiordos company and its acquisition, Salmones Friosur, Agrosuper will produce about 200,000 tonnes annually, more than the total output of all the companies in either Scotland or Canada. This makes it by far the largest company in the sector in Chile and the second-largest company in the world, after Norway-based Mowi.

Agrosuper will become the largest exporter of Chilean salmon, with 20.7% of shipments in net tonnes and 19.9% ​​of export income. That’s around double that of its closest competitor, Cermaq, according to consolidated data for 2017 from Infotrade. 

The company will control 323 aquaculture concessions, 25% of the total in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes.