Carl-Erik Arnesen, new chief executive of STIM.

Fish farming veteran takes the helm at STIM

Arnesen fills the seat vacated by owner Nordly


Aquaculture industry veteran Carl-Erik Arnesen has been appointed as the new chief executive of Norway-based international fish farming health and services company STIM.

He will take over from STIM owner Jim-Roger Nordly.

Arnesen moves from his job as managing director of the feed producer Polarfeed, also owned by Nordly. Arnesen will be responsible for leading STIM and all its business areas, which include vaccine and drug distribution, fish health services, environmental investigations, consultancy, and research and development. At the same time, he retains his connection to Polarfeed through his position as chairman of the board.

STIM has branches in Scotland, Canada, Chile, and the United States, and among other things is the UK distributor of Benchmark’s Salmosan Vet lice treatment.

Unique experience

“Carl-Erik has a completely unique breadth of experience and expertise, he has enormous work capacity, and he knows the company well,” said Nordly.

“When it became clear that this was a challenge he wanted to take on, I had no doubts about who would become the new CEO of STIM. It is also reassuring to know that the two of us understand each other and work well together,” added Nordly, who has no plans to slow down even though he is now giving up the CEO title in STIM.

Arnesen probably has one of Norway’s most comprehensive CVs in aquaculture. Starting with Mowi in 1982, he has farmed in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Iceland. His career includes research, production, finance, sales, export and management. In addition to salmon and trout, he has also farmed halibut, sea bass, turbot, scallops, and mussels.

Successful projects

He has been employed in the fisheries section of DNB bank and for 16 years was managing director of the Firda Seafood group, followed by two years as sales and marketing director at Alsaker Fjordbruk. Before joining the Nordly Group in 2019, he was CEO of Hav Line Gruppen, which operates the salmon farming factory ship Norwegian Gannet.

Arnesen is now taking over STIM as it moves towards an all-time high in turnover.

“A great deal is being done right in STIM, and the company has begun to reap the benefits of several successful development projects,” said Arnesen.