The salmon price went down last week.

Lowest price for Norwegian salmon since November - volumes on the rise

The salmon price continues to decline, though not as steeply as in the weeks prior. Weekly volumes continue to increase as per tradition at this time of year.

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According to Akvafakta, the spot price of Norwegian salmon dropped by 0,65 NOK in week 35, reaching 69.79 NOK/kg. This marks the lowest price since November last year and the first time it's been in the 60s since then.

The price is still significantly higher compared to the same week last year, with an increase of 13.48 NOK/kg.

The average spot price for the year has now dipped below 100 kroner, standing at 98.39 NOK/kg.

At the same time in 2022, the average price was 90.20 NOK/kg.


In week 35, there were exports of 34,077 thousand tons (round weight). This represents the highest weekly volume so far this year, albeit only 0.5% higher than the same week last year.

Year-to-date exports total 858 thousand tons, which is 1.6 % less than the same period last year.

The spot price of salmon in 2023 (blue line) compared to 2022 (gray line).