The spot price in 2024 (blue line) and 2023 (grey line).

Another record set for Norway salmon spot price


The spot price of Norwegian salmon rose to another new record last week (week 15), going up by NOK 2.13/kg to NOK 136.66 (£9.97) per kilo. That price is NOK 18.17/kg higher than the same week last year.

The price is driven by the fact that it reflects superior fish, and due to a lot of problems especially related to winter wounds, the superior share of Norwegian harvests has dropped considerably in the last six months.

If you look at the price reported by Statistics Norway for freshly exported fish, which includes all quality grades that are exported, it also set a new record in week 15. The export price was NOK 123.28/kg, 40 cents better than the previous record from week 11 last year at NOK 122.88/kg.

The average spot price so far this year is NOK 112.84/kg, up by more than NOK 7 compared to the NOK 105.77/kg average for the same period last year.

The average export price (fresh) so far this year is NOK 109.97/kg, against a corresponding NOK 105.70/kg in 2023.

Export volume

Norway exported 22,517 tonnes (round weight) of salmon in week 15. This is 0.8% less than the same week in 2023.

So far, 327,000 tonnes have been exported, 4.8% less than the equivalent a year ago.