Salmon Evolution is almost ready to put fish in phase 1 and is planning phase 2. Image: Salmon Evolution.

Salmon Evolution ready to grow

The first smolts to be stocked in Salmon Evolution’s on-land salmon farm on Harøy island (Indre Harøy) in Norway next month will have a weight of around 300 grams and will be harvested from the end of this year, according to the company’s report and presentation for the fourth quarter of last year.

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All 12 fish tanks in phase 1 are now assembled and the intake station is technically ready for operation. During the quarter the company successfully installed the two water inlet pipes, one going down to a depth of 95 metres and the other down to 25 metres.

Chief executive Håkon André Berg said: “2021 was a ground-breaking year for Salmon Evolution with a tremendous amount of efforts being undertaken by our employees and suppliers.

“We are truly excited about soon being able to welcome the first smolt into our facility at Indre Harøy. We have spent a lot of time preparing for this historical event and I have great confidence in our organisation as Salmon Evolution now enters the next phase.”

Salmon Evolution aims to produce 7,900 gutted weight tonnes of salmon annually in the first phase, and a further 7,900 gwt by 2024 in the second phase which is being planned now.

The company intends further expansion at Indre Harøy to produce more than 30,000 gwt by 2028 and 50,000 gwt a year by 2030.

It is also part of a joint venture with seafood giant Dongwon to produce 20,000 gwt of salmon a year at an on-land site in Korea.

Salmon Evolution is using what it calls its hybrid flowthrough system (HFS) which recirculates 65% of the water but also adds 35% of fresh seawater. It says this reduces complexity and risk of technical accidents associated with full recirculation.