Salmon spot price in 2024 (blue line), and 2023 (grey-green line).

Norway salmon spot price nudged up last week

The spot price of Norwegian farmed salmon rose by NOK 0.19/kg to NOK 129.28/kg (£9.53) last week (week 20) according to industry statistics provider Akvafakta.

That price was NOK 21.42/kg more than the same week in 2023.

The average spot price so far this year is NOK 116.71/kg, compared to NOK 107.70/kg a year ago.

Norway exported 20,891 tonnes (round weight) of salmon in week 20. That is 10% more than the week before, and 15% more than the same week last year. However, that week was a week with two public holidays, compared to only one in this year’s week 20.

So far this year, Norway has exported 428,000 tonnes of salmon, 6% less than in the same period last year.