Nordlaks communications manager Lars Fredrik Martinussen said absorbents were being used to soak up the leaked fuel.

Wind saves fish from feed barge oil spill in Norway

Approximately 5,000 litres of diesel have leaked from a feed barge at a salmon farm operated by Norwegian company Nordlaks at Dypingen in Troms.

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“The Norwegian Coastal Administration and the local fire service were notified of the incident, and the latter is now leading the operation, which also involves our crews,” said Nordlaks communications manager Lars Fredrik Martinussen in a press release.

“The wind has brought the discharge ashore over a stretch of about one kilometre in the immediate vicinity (east, southeast) of the site. Work is now being done to collect the discharge with the use of absorbents.”

Blown ashore

Martinussen told media outlet VG that the leak was discovered yesterday and Nordlaks was now working to find out how it happened.

The wind direction has been such that the fish in the facility have not been affected.

Most of the diesel has gone ashore, local police said on Twitter.