Vibecke Bondø, left, will be vhief executive of the merged fish farming company consisting of Midt-Norsk Havbruk AS and SalmoNor AS. Bondø is pictured with the first deputy chair of the Seafood Norway Board, Inger-Marie Sperre. Photo: Torkil Marsdal Hanssen - PKOM AS.

Boss chosen for merged salmon farmer SalmonNor

Vibecke Bondø, chief executive of Norwegian salmon farmer SalmoNor, has been chosen to lead the new company formed by its merger with Midt-Norsk Havbruk (MNH).

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The merger is dependent on the Norwegian Competition Authority’s approval but is expected to be completed by the end of September. It builds a larger, stronger and more robust aquaculture player in one of Norway’s best areas for salmon farming.

“I am proud and humbled to have been given the confidence to lead the merged company and look forward to taking on the task,” said Bondø in a press release.

“We will build on the employees who are in the companies today and their competence. I look forward, together with a larger and stronger team, to creating even better industrial solutions for optimal and sustainable production of healthy and good salmon.”

Helge Gåsø: "Vibecke Bondø has for a long time delivered very good biological and financial results."

Two top candidates

MNH chairman Helge Gåsø is pleased with the rapid clarification of who will lead the merged SalmoNor, which in 2021 has a total harvest volume of around 37,000 tonnes.

“The board had two very good candidates to choose from (Bondø and MNH chief executive Frank Øren). Vibecke Bondø has for a long time delivered very good biological and financial results and will be important in the work of developing a competent organisation and optimal operation in the merged SalmoNor,” said Gåsø.

“At the same time, MNH and (parent company) NTS would like to thank Frank Øren for the work he has done for the company. We are very grateful and sorry that Frank does not want to join. But our paths may cross again,” added Gåsø, who is also the largest shareholder in aquaculture, wellboats, shipping and service vessels company NTS.

Frank Øren: MNH has grown significantly.

Proud of achievements

Øren was hired as chief executive when NTS bought MNH in 2017. He is proud of the results MNH has achieved.

“MNH has grown significantly through participation in government auctions (for biomass) and aggressive innovation work. It has challenged the whole organisation, and I am proud of each and every one of my employees and what we have achieved. Now I will contribute to a smooth merger process that paves the way for further growth,” said Øren.

The executive will lead MNH until the time of the merger. Then he will initially focus on his ownership in the equipment and service supplier Smir, which makes the Hydrolicer mechanical delouser.

“I will continue to be part of the most exciting of all the industries in this country, the aquaculture industry,” said Øren, who will also follow the development project related to the semi-closed Aquatraz cage to final completion.