VeHiCe will present an online masterclass on Friday.

Gill health and fish skeletal deformities to be examined in online masterclass


Fish pathology company Veterinary Histopathology Centre (VeHiCe) has organised an online masterclass covering gill and skeletal pathologies that will take place this Friday, December 16.

Dr Hugh Ferguson, emeritus professor from the Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University, Scotland, will present on gill pathologies, focusing on the environmental effects on tissue.

The other topic will be skeletal mineralisation and the development of vertebral column malformations in farmed salmon, covered by Dr Eckhard Witten, professor of Evolutionary Developmental Biology at the University of Ghent, Belgium.

The masterclass is the fourth in a series presented by VeHiCe, a Chilean company which has branches at Glasgow University in Scotland and in Miami in the United States. The classes are aimed at professionals from aquaculture production companies, feed producers, and genetics and pharmaceutical companies, including technical managers, fish vets / fish health staff, production staff, and research and development professionals.

Friday’s masterclass, which aims to provide participants with a deeper overview of two issues affecting the aquaculture industry globally, will take place at 2pm GMT (11am Chilean time).

Those wishing to take part should email, who will send them a link.