Fish water/fish blood leads to slippery road surfaces.

Roads watchdog cracks down on leaky salmon lorries in Norway


Norway’s roads watchdog has banned 13 leaky articulated lorry trailers being used for the transport of salmon because of run-off of fish water/blood water.

The trailers were inspected and removed from the road in Stokkvågen, a village and ferry port located in Lurøy Municipality in Nordland. They were mainly from Lovund in Lurøy municipality.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) said in a press release that run-off from salmon trailers can result in slippery surfaces on roads and in the places where the trailers are parked.

“In addition, when the lorries are in traffic, the run-off rubs off on other vehicles and gets this on the windscreen or on the helmet visor of motorcycle riders, both smelling and hampering visibility. It can be difficult to rinse off the windscreen or wash off the helmet and clothes,” said the Administration.

“Fish water/blood water is also dragged into living spaces on ferries, cars and buses, with it also running off on to the ferry deck.”