The fish in Proximar's post-smolt department.

Cautious progress limits growth at Proximar 

But Japan salmon farmer remains on course for first harvest this year, it says in update

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Just before Christmas, Proximar - which operates a land-based salmon farm near Mount Fuji in Japan - reported that it had transferred its first fish the the hatchery deparment to the post-smolt department.

Before transferring the fish, it lowered the temperatures in the rearing department to reduce the growth rate and ensure sufficient flexibility for the timing of this transfer. The temperature has now returned to normal.

During the start-up of the grow-out plant, Proximar also has limited feeding capacity until the biofilters have matured. According to the company, the biofilters are maturing steadily, and will allow increased feeding capacity in the coming weeks.

Growth curve for Proximar's first batches.

"This combination affected growth somewhat. However, we are still on track for the first harvest in the third quarter of this year," said Proximar chief executive Joachim Nielsen in a production update.

The company currently has ten batches under production. The long-term harvesting volume for Proximar is 5,300 tonnes (head on gutted) per year in phase 1.

Without specifying the level, Proximar also writes that the mortality rate is lower than expected. Proximar's full Q4 2023 report will be released on February 23, 2024.

Inside Proximar's facility this month.