An eight-line Hydrolicer fitted to a vessel. Photo: Smir.

Hydrolicer maker Smir joins SalmonChile

Norwegian company Smir, which makes the Hydrolicer mechanical salmon delousing system, has become a new partner in industry organisation SalmonChile.

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Smir established itself in Chile in 2019 and has now joined more than 50 organisations and companies that make up SalmonChile.

“We are proud that Smir has noticed the work we are doing as a guild and wants to be part of this association,” said SalmonChile president Arturo Clément. “We are sure that this incorporation will help us to improve in environmental terms and in the fight against caligus (the Chilean sea louse, Caligus rogercresseyi). We hope that this incorporation will be very beneficial, both for the union and for the company.”

No chemicals

Like other mechanical solutions, the Hydrolicer doesn’t use chemicals to remove or kill sea lice that are parasitising fish. Salmon are pumped aboard a boat and lice are rinsed off using low pressure jets of sea water at ambient temperature.

Øyvind Nymark: Proud to be a part of SalmonChile.

Smie Group Chile director Ricardo Moraleda said: “Our entry to SalmonChile is due to the fact that we recognise the leadership and tradition of this trade association, and because we value its commitment to sustainability to face the health and environmental challenges of the industry in the country.”


Øyvind Nymark, chief executive of Smir AS, said: “Working together in an interdisciplinary group, where everyone has a solution-oriented mindset, is a way of working that appeals to us.

“To be included as a member means that we can give our contribution to the important work to address challenges in the sector.

“We are proud to be a part of the SalmonChile association, and we really look forward to this.”