Fredrikstad Seafood has taken samples of stock for testing. Photos: Nordic Aquafarms.

Norway's first RAS-grown salmon on sale soon

Norway’s first on-land salmon farm is approaching the inaugural sale of its fish several months earlier than expected, it has said.

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Fredrikstad Seafoods is located in Fredrikstad, around 40 miles south of Oslo. The company is owned by Nordic Aquafarms, which is also planning on-land farms in Maine and California in the United States.

“This week, Fredrikstad Seafoods has taken new samples of the stock for testing and the quality looks amazing! We look forward to offering this premium product to customers,” the company said in a LinkedIn post.

Fredrikstad Seafoods is pleased with the progress of its fish.

1,500-tonne capacity

The farm, located near at an innovation park beside the River Glomma, has two recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) modules for salmon production.

Nordic Aquafarms chief executive Bernt-Olav Røttingsnes says that in full production the modules can produce a total of 1,500 tonnes of fish (head on gutted).

“The fish will have a weight in excess of four kilos,” he previously told Fish Farming Expert’s Norwegian sister site,

The company was founded in 2014 and has a licence for 800 tonnes maximum permitted biomass.

Nordic’s US subsidiary, Nordic Aquafarms Inc, intends to produce 33,000 tonnes of salmon a year at a RAS facility at Belfast, Maine and 25,000 tonnes at a facility on the Samoa Peninsula in Humboldt County, California.