The vaccination will protect pangasius from its two main disease threats. Image: Zoetis.

Double vaccine breakthrough

Vietnamese pangasius will be offered protection against its two main disease threats early next year, following approval of a new Pharmaq vaccine by the country’s Department of Animal Health.

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Alpha Ject Panga 2 is an injection vaccine that provides protection against the Edwardsiella ictaluri, which causes white spot disease; and Aeromonas hydrophila, which causes septicimia and hemorrhage. The diseases occur during the whole production cycle and are associated with high mortalities and considerable economical losses.

“The approval of the new vaccine is a great contribution to a more sustainable aquaculture industry in Vietnam. Behind this product are many years of research, development and documentation to ensure that the product provides a significant level of protection as well as being safe for the fish and the environment," says Pham-Cong Thanh, Country Manager for Pharmaq in Vietnam.

Vaccination is an important step forward in controlling two of the major diseases in farmed pangasius in Vietnam and reduce use of antibiotics. Panga 2 is well documented through field trials conducted in close cooperation with Pharmaq’s customers over the past years.

"To achieve a more predictable and reliable fish production for pangasius, Pharmaq aims to continuously support the Vietnamese aquaculture industry towards more advanced fish health solutions in the prevention of diseases. The approval of this vaccine is an important step towards production of safe and healthy seafood in Vietnam,says Pharmaq’s President Morten Nordstad.