The majority of salmon grown in Scotland qualifies to carry the RSPCA Assured logo. Photo: RSPCA Assured.

RSPCA Assured offers online coronavirus advice

The RSPCA Assured scheme, which certifies the welfare of the majority of salmon produced in Scotland, has created a web page to give members advice about issues surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

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This includes what farmers should do if they think they have the virus, and an assurance that the RSPCA assessor visiting a salmon farm will be symptom-free as well as following all the usual biosecurity protocols.

The page also states: “If there are concerns around members who are following Government advice to self-isolate, these will be looked at on an individual basis.

“We are busy working behind the scenes with our certificating body as to how best we can support continued certification in the event that we are unable to visit due to these circumstances.”

The page, which includes a new number for general enquiries and useful website links, can be accessed here.