Farah Manji has joined Marine Harvest in Bergen after seven years with Cooke Aquaculure in Scotland.

New job and new country for fish health expert

Former Stirling University aquaculture student, Farah Manji, is the latest addition to Marine Harvest’s global R & D and technical team in Norway.

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Manji spent seven years as fish health manager and senior biologist for Cooke Aquaculture, in Scotland, after completing her aquaculture doctorate in 2010.

She has now taken up a position as fish health specialist for Marine Harvest in Bergen.

“I think Marine Harvest seems like an exciting opportunity and challenge. This job is something different from what I was working with as fish health chief for Cooke,” said Farah said in a statement.

Research background

In her new role, Manji will get to use her research background to a greater degree, something she is looking forward to.

“Farah has great knowledge and experience, and will be a good and valuable addition to the fish health team in Marine Harvest,” said Gordon Ritchie, Group Manager Fish Health & Performance, Global R & D and Technical.

Manji becomes part of Marine Harvest's global teams for research, development and technology that number over 40 people. The company intends to increase the number of academics further.