Salmonid exports earned Chile $3.24 bn in first half of 2022

Salmon was the third-highest export earner for Chile in the first six months of this year, after copper and lithium, state export agency ProChile said.

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Setting aside copper, which accounts for almost half of Chile’s entire export income, exports of goods and services earned a record US $26.046 billion, 37.2% higher than in H1 2021.

Lithium was the highest non-copper export, earning $3.628 bn, while salmon and trout brought in $3.242 bn. Cherry exports earned $1.487 bn, cellulose ($1.454 bn), molybdenum ($900 million) and fresh grapes ($895 m).

“This is excellent news for the export performance of our country, and also the result of the incessant work of national companies, which in periods as hard as these last two years as a result of the pandemic, have also made significant progress,” said Paulina Valderrama, general director of ProChile.

Salmon and trout shipments to China grew 141% in the first half of 2022, making it the fifth most important market for the products.