Prices soar in main markets

Chilean Trim-D salmon fillets were traded at an average price of $4.83 per pound in Miami during week 11 - an 11% increase compared to the previous week and the seventh week in a row with a price over $4 per pound in the US.

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The average price is also 12.3 per cent higher than in the same week of 2015 (US$ 4.30), although it is 2.2 per cent below than that seen in the same week of 2014 (US$ 4.94).

According to the weekly report published by SalmonEx, the Brazilian market price observed a US$ 0.26 increase per kilo. The size 10-12lb (~4.5-5.4kg), being the most representative, averaged US$ 5.42/kg.

In the Japanese market, the price of coho salmon experienced a ¥ 35 increase, while trout increased by ¥ 70. The first averaged ¥ 625 (US$ ~5.61)/kg, while the second averaged ¥ 735 (US$ ~6.6)/kg.